Week 12/13 – Report critique

https://storify./comNickPreddey/now-i-see-you-welcome-to-the-unpredictable-world-o Now I See You – Welcome to the unpredictable world of Online Video by Nick Preddey Nick’s report is easy to read, it has a strong conversational tone to it and can be clearly understood. Embedded links, images and videos are relevant (sometimes humorous) to his subject of online videos. He explores many forms … Continue reading Week 12/13 – Report critique

Afraid to be yourself. – What’s Hidden

http://https://twitter.com/ldmulhall/status/656033034982944768 In 2012, Michael decided to leave the hustle and bustle of his work life within the middle of city in Sydney and move down the coast to the small coastal country town of Kiama. Here, Michael took on a leading manager role within the mining industry, An industry unlike what Michael had managed before. … Continue reading Afraid to be yourself. – What’s Hidden

Week 10/11 – Personally I think Twitter needs to remain professional.

Charlie Pickering uses twitter as a personal yet self maintained professional platform. Charlie interacts with his audience, commenting on tweets and shares articles and tweets of interest to him on his twitter profile. Charlie expresses his own personal opinions on topics as well as promoting his show ‘The Weekly’ on the ABC and other projects … Continue reading Week 10/11 – Personally I think Twitter needs to remain professional.

A teachers passion.

The classroom is a place where Sherri will watch children develop, which in itself is a motivation to continue to develop herself as a leader and educator. Pencils and paper are graciously supplied in generous amounts to evoke imagination and enhance the learning experience within the classroom and Sherri manipulates these for her students skill sets everyday. In … Continue reading A teachers passion.